Technology Spotlight: Introducing SiteHive

2 min read

At Laing O’Rourke we believe that we have a responsibility to protect our environment and our communities; that’s why we invest in new technologies to create safer and more sustainable results on our projects.

To support this agenda, Laing O’Rourke’s Technology & Innovation Group have facilitated a strategic partnership with Australian real-time environmental management organisation, SiteHive. This partnership supports our sites to have certainty when it comes to managing environmental impact.

Environmental compliance reporting is mandatory and complex. The tools used to both measure and report environmental occurrences can be labour intensive, expensive, and reactive. The SiteHive solution is a digital, multi-sensor monitoring device, that provides continuous, live information directly from site.

The SiteHive ‘Hexanode’ monitoring device provides real-time data on noise and dust, as well as rich contextual information including directional sound maps, images, sound recordings and weather. The data is accessible within SiteHive cloud software from a single dashboard, presented in graph and image formats that deliver real-time insight into site occurrences. Data is a critical component of our ability to deliver certainty to our clients, SiteHive provides confidence to make informed decisions, based on real-time data. Events can be investigated and addressed as they happen, allowing environmental monitoring to move from reactive measurement to proactive management.

This solution has been estimated to reduce the cost of managing environmental impact by 50% or more, providing an efficient, economical solution to a traditionally manual process. This means we can be better at how we manage our environmental and community impact. Placing this technology in our environmental team’s fingertips enables our people to be more agile, building better trust in our clients and communities.

Partnering with start-ups across the construction technology landscape is just another way we are leveraging purposeful technology to continue to deliver certainty to our clients, our communities, and our business.