Our clients want us to develop new products and approaches that help them minimise the environmental impacts of their projects and which create social value for local communities. Our commitment to innovation and modern methods of construction enables us to help clients meet their sustainability ambitions. 

Reducing embodied carbon

We’re working towards 2030, future-proofing the built environment by prioritising lower-carbon design, engineering, and construction. By building low carbon now, we’re protecting our clients against future costs of retrofitting or offsetting. Our carbon calculator, design partnerships and new product development are reducing the embodied carbon in our projects.

Investment in innovation

The world of sustainable construction is evolving rapidly and we are constantly innovating to make more sustainable products and solutions available to our clients. Our established Technology & Innovation Groups in both operating Hubs are actively working to decarbonise our live projects and the wider sector. We work with government and academia to develop and test new solutions, some of which are already in use and helping to reduce embodied carbon in buildings and infrastructure projects.

Supply chain excellence

We work closely with our supply chain partners and elevate the procurement process with sustainable standards, industry partnerships and sponsorships.

  • We work with peers and supply chain partners within a number of forums, recognising that working together is the best way to make progress. We’re longstanding members of the Supply Chain Sustainability School and are on the School’s Board in Australia and the UK.
  • In the UK we’re aligned with the ISO 20400 sustainable procurement standard and are assessed using that framework.