A year of progress on the new Everton Football Club stadium


It has been one year since Laing O'Rourke took possession of the site at Bramley-Moore Dock, and since then, the team has hit a number of major milestones, most recently the installation of the first concrete terracing unit and the completion of the four concrete cores to full height.

The first of 1,217 terracing units, which will form the internal bowl lining of the new stadium, was lifted and bolted into place on the lower tier of the north stand on Wednesday.

The bespoke, double-stepped terracing units are manufactured in Ireland by supply chain partner, Banagher, and delivered by boat to Liverpool docks, a short distance from the project site. This delivery method has saved over a thousand truck journeys by road and so helped reduce the project’s carbon emissions.

To mark the anniversary, the project team hosted celebrations at Bramley-Moore Dock which included the showing of a video capturing the team’s achievements over the past 12 months.

Project Leader, Gareth Jacques, said: “It is incredible what the team have achieved in the past year. From taking over a derelict site, filling in the dock to now installing the terrace units on the structural frame, the progress has been rapid but also safe and efficient.

“I’d like to thank everyone in the team for their continued hard work and dedication, it’s their commitment that drives the project forward. We’re looking forward to the next 12-months, and delivering some even bigger milestones on the project.”

Director of Stadium Development, Colin Chong said: “Terracing units going on the steelwork represent a major visual change in the build. As the terracing installation progresses in a logical sequence, the structure looks more like a football stadium with every day that passes.”

Work continues across all four stands, with the two steelwork sections on the north stand edging closer to connecting.

The first precast concrete walls that will make up the first floor have been installed in the east stand, with the entire first floor close to completion in the opposite west stand.

Everton Stadium, which is due for completion in the 2024/25 season, is recognised as the largest single-site private sector development in the country, contributing an estimated £1.3bn to the UK economy, creating thousands of jobs and attracting 1.4m visitors to the city of Liverpool, annually.

Once complete, the scheme will have acted as a catalyst for more than £650m worth of accelerated regeneration directly benefiting the nearby Ten Streets development.

See the progress made over the last 12-months on Everton's YouTube channel.