Extending the existing Armadale Line from Armadale to Byford.

Byford Rail Extension
Byford, Western Australia
At a glance

The METRONET Byford Rail Extension project will extend the existing Armadale Line from Armadale to Byford in Western Australia, providing residents in Byford and the wider Serpentine-Jarrahdale area with a strong transport connection, supporting economic growth and providing greater access to jobs, services and amenities.

The project includes:

  • Extending the Armadale Line approximately 8km south to a new ground-level station in Byford, supporting one of the fastest-growing areas in Australia
  • Rebuilding Armadale Station as an elevated station with three nearby busy level crossings removed and replaced with elevated rail
  • Removing other level crossings between Armadale and Byford with alternative treatments to improve traffic flow and ease road congestion
  • A new ground-level station in Byford
  • Parking areas at Armadale and Byford stations
  • Bus interchanges at Armadale and Byford stations

Creating opportunities for the local community

The project will kick-start development opportunities in the Armadale and Byford town centres, providing safe and attractive connections around the station. The project will also support the release of additional land for commercial expansion, mixed-use development and housing diversity.

Opportunities include:

  • Improving safe local connections by removing level crossings
  • Reducing car dependency and congestion
  • Contributing to a sustainable transport system with improved connectivity to current and future development
  • Providing access to critical functions such as employment and education within strategic metropolitan and district centres
  • Developing connected places with an improved urban form that builds on existing character, culture and identity
  • Incorporating environmentally sustainable design to provide improved liveability
  • Supporting long-term sustainable community and economic development within strategic metropolitan and district centres