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Health and Safety

Our approach to health and safety is based on the idea of personal commitment and individual empowerment. We believe everyone has a right to return home safely every day and a duty to take care of themselves and those around them.


Behavioural Safety was introduced 15 years ago, instilling personal choice to follow the rules, significantly improving working cultures and conditions for the benefit of everyone’s health and wellbeing.

While the construction industry has improved significantly, performance has plateaued over the last few years.

Next Gear is our approach to managing health and safety as a dynamic approach, which focuses on risk, and our ethical responsibility to do what is right for our people. Next Gear focuses time and effort on the actual risks arising from our operations and actively discourages valueless paperwork and rules.

Put simply, Next Gear can be summarised as:

• Engaged People – making people the solution

• Engineered Safety – creating safety at design stage

• Focused on Risk – clearing away background noise

By continuously improving the way we work, reducing bureaucracy, we free up time to focus on high risk activities, engaging and listening to our people, while maintaining high basic site standards. Next Gear also aligns us more closely with legal requirements and the expectations of the HSE and other regulators.

The Next Gear tools allow us to manage our health and safety risk in a disciplined and consistent manner, involving those with the greatest understanding of risk when planning or executing our work.

To fully understand and manage our Health and Safety risks, we must always promote and facilitate openness, honesty and trust across everyone involved in our works. As a result, we choose to focus on the learning from every incident.

PEOPLE ARE THE SOLUTION - not the problem.

SAFETY IS THE PRESENCE OF POSITIVES - not the absence of negatives.

SAFETY IS AN ETHICAL RESPONSIBILITY - not a bureaucratic activity.

Success is measured, not just on how few incidents we have, but on how successful we are in protecting the environment and reducing the environmental impact of our works. Projects actively engage in environmental risk assessments through a collective insight approach. The environmental risk and related mitigation is discussed as part of work place briefings and the development of Visual Task Sheets on our sites.

Next Gear SMS

The Australia Hub's Safety Management System is accessible for all Laing O'Rourke employees, clients and partners.