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Our sustainability agenda is driven from the top, and supported by a rigorous governance framework. 

Our governance framework is made up of a network of boards, all ultimately accountable to the Chairman and Chief Executive.

Reporting to the Group Executive Committee (GEC), our Europe and Australia Hub Executive Committees are responsible for setting the strategic direction of our health, safety and sustainability agendas, allocating investment and monitoring performance.

Our Human Capital Committee is chaired by the Chairman and Chief Executive and leads the Group’s people and organisational agendas. The Board’s main priority is to mitigate capability risk through targeted attraction, retention and development of a highly skilled, globally mobile workforce.

Our Safety and Sustainable Development Committee – a sub-committee of the GEC – ensures risks and opportunities associated with safety and sustainability are given the highest priority within the Group.

The operational management of health, safety and sustainability is delegated to Hub-level safety and sustainability leadership forums. Chaired by the Hub Chief Executive Officer, the forums are made up of the leaders of each of the relevant business units.

Business unit safety and sustainability leadership forums are responsible for ensuring Hub-level strategy is implemented within each business unit. Chaired by the respective business unit leader, the forums are attended by senior personnel accountable for safety and sustainability.

Day-to-day accountability for key areas of our sustainability agenda is delegated to the appropriate senior leaders, as shown below.





Joanna Vezey, Head of Talent, Inclusion and Social Sustainability

Sarah Conway, Head of Communications


Steve Holland, Head of Health, Safety and Environment

Tim Fleming, General Manager, Health, Safety and Environment 

Human rights

Martin Staehr, Head of Human Capital

Deborah Grace, (Acting) Head of Human Capital

Supply chain

Alex Gosney, Head of Procurement

Paul Ward, Head of Procurement  


John O'Connor, Group Commercial and Human Capital Director 

Paul Roth, Head of Strategic Engagement

Health, safety and wellbeing in the workplace

Steve Holland, Head of Health, Safety and Environment

Tim Fleming, General Manager, Health, Safety and Environment 

Employee issues

Martin Staehr, Head of Human Capital

Darren Nelson, Head of Employee Relations