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Southbank Place. London. UK

Braeburn Estates
Building Construction
£125 m
Project partners
Canary Wharf Contractors Ltd, WSP, Arup, AECOM

Southbank Place. London. UK

Southbank Place. London. UK

Southbank Place. London. UK

Full project details

Expanded is delivering a package of piling, tower cranes, substructure works and construction of eight building superstructures, with the cladding to 1 of these towers. We are working on behalf of developer Braeburn Estates, a joint venture between Canary Wharf Group and Qatari Diar. Canary Wharf Contractors Ltd is the main contractor.

Overall, the £1.3bn development aims to create a vibrant new quarter with homes, offices and retail space: a world-class environment on this iconic stretch of the Thames - overlooking the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye. The Southbank Place project will see redevelopment of the 27-storey Shell Centre tower, built in 1961 to house Shell headquarters. In addition, eight new buildings, designed by leading architects from around the world and ranging between 11 and 37 storeys, will occupy the site.

Scope of delivery

Our works include a three-storey reinforced concrete basement substructure for one third of the site footprint, a two-storey basement for the remainder of the site, and construction of eight building superstructures:

B1: 12-storey; and B2: 18-storey commercial buildings, including slipform cores with concrete on metal decking (steel frame by others).
B3: 29-storey residential concrete frame with a central core and a floorplate area of c.1000m2. This includes the pre-cast concrete, pre-glazed, cladding supply and install. This building sits over the Waterloo Tube station entrance, forming a new ticket hall.
B4a: 37-storey residential concrete frame with a slip formed central core and a floorplate of c.550m2.
B4b: 30-storey residential concrete frame with a slip formed central core and a floorplate of c.550m2.
B5: 14-storey residential concrete frame with three cores and a floorplate of c.1600m2.
B6/7: 23/11-storey residential concrete frame with two cores and a floorplate area of c.1000m2 per level.

Significant constraints overcome

The works involve construction of 796 bearing and 57 secant wall piles - including some to be constructed within London Underground’s exclusion zones, with special measures required. Piles are up to 63.5m long; diameters range from 750mm to 2100mm, with bentonite support fluid used in many locations.

Key facts

· Utilises a 21 tower crane scheme
· Five buildings are separated from their foundations by acoustic bearings to avoid vibration from the four Underground tunnels that cut through the site
· 120,000m3 of concrete will be required
· 237,600m2 floor area is to be constructed using in situ, precast, post-tensioning and metal decking
· More than 15,000 deliveries will be made to site