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Clyde Junction. Sydney. Australia

Transport for NSW
Engineering ExpertiseInfrastructure Construction
April 2014 - January 2016

Clyde Junction. Sydney. Australia

Clyde Junction, Sydney NSW

Clyde Junction. Sydney. Australia

Laing O'Rourke's expert rail crews have unrivalled knowledge of the Sydney network

Full project details

The Clyde Junction works are part of Transport for NSW's Lidcombe to Granville Corridor Upgrade Program, which will improve network reliability and capacity, and allow for more efficient and reliable access to and from the Auburn Maintenance Centre and Auburn Stabling Yard.

This project involves the upgrade of signalling infrastructure, installation of combined services routes, turnout renewal works and the installation of a new turnout.

The Lidcombe to Granville corridor is one of the busiest in the Sydney metropolitan network. This upgrade will support increased growth in rail patronage and the safe running of the new generation Waratah trains. In addition, it will reduce delays and the impact of crossing movements, simplify operation and configuration, and lower maintenance costs.

Published materials

As part of our commitment to our client and to the surrounding community, we publish environmental management plans and regular reports from the project, including the following noise monitoring analysis:

Project facts

The scope of work includes

Stage 12 – minor signalling works, relocation of overhead wiring (OHW) air gap, new signal building and installation of combined service routes, including air supply.

Stage 13 – the installation of a new turnout 706 and replacement of an existing turnout 705 (including associated OHW and signalling works), drainage works, installation of combined service routes and data changes to the Phoenix Panel within the Auburn Maintenance Centre. The works in this stage use existing Granville Solid State Interlocking.

The Lidcombe to Granville corridor is one of the busiest in the Sydney metropolitan network

Clyde JunctionAdjoins Laing O'Rourke's work on the Auburn Stabling Project