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EEJ Digital Engineering

The Digital Engineering Team

Laing O’Rourke’s digital engineering function boasts a global capability of 80 experienced professionals. The team operates across all of the Group’s sectors and geographies, ready to deploy onto live projects, support work-winning opportunities and assist clients in developing their own DE strategies.

Its members come from a range of professional backgrounds, including structural and services engineering, architecture, commercial management, planning and design. All are experienced in a wide variety of software solutions – and share a passion for continuous innovation.

The team’s overarching priority is to maximise the benefits of digital engineering across the lifecycle of a project from concept through design, manufacture, assembly and operation. It is also responsible for enhancing the capabilities of the wider Laing O’Rourke employee population, delivering hands-on training, learning modules and workshops, and developing functional learning toolkits. Its commitment to pioneer the wide-scale application of digital engineering has helped the Group establish a leading position in the marketplace and strengthened its reputation as an innovator.

Our track record in the delivery of DE-enhanced projects has seen clients from a variety of global sectors approach us for our professional services and, in a number of instances, appoint us as DE consultant. In this capacity, the team works with its customers to develop tailored DE strategies and assists in the establishment of business processes that support these. Additionally, Laing O’Rourke has engaged with its partners to advise on ways to achieve the cultural change required to successfully meet the challenges of the new digital environment

How we work

Members of the DE team are actively engaged in a number of government and institutional BIM (Building Information Modelling) action groups. Additionally they are working in close collaboration with our design partners and supply chain towards the consistent achievement of BIM Level 2, progressing onwards to Level 3.

As catalysts in Laing O’Rourke’s DE journey, the team plays a fundamental role in ensuring DE progresses from ‘innovative new methodology’ to ‘the way we go to work’, all the while seeking out opportunities to further exploit the associated technology as it matures over time.

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