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Leadership Development

Strong leadership capability is vital to any organisation. For this reason we are continually working to build the skills of our senior executives, functional leaders and key project delivery personnel.

Our ‘Young Guns’, ‘Guns’ and ‘Big Guns’ programmes are designed to fast-track high-potential employees into leadership roles. Many of our senior leaders have benefited directly from being part of these learning networks.

Young Guns

The first in a structured series of development programmes. Young Guns is designed to nurture our brightest talent, challenging high-potential participants to think creatively and develop their own leadership styles. Lasting 15 months, they will build the skills needed to take on senior roles. We work in partnership with Cambridge University to deliver these programmes.


Our Guns programme was developed with Imperial College London Business School. It takes our very best leaders and develops them into the project, programme and functional directors of the future.

Big Guns

Designed for our most senior programme and business leaders, Big Guns brings together leading minds from industry and academia to embed the most sophisticated business skills. The programme is a key element of our long-term succession strategy – and underlines our commitment to grow our leaders from within. Drawn from an elite group of exceptionally capable professionals, our Big Guns will be trained to take on executive roles at Group and Hub level.