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A world leader in the design and manufacture of pre-stressed concrete sleepers, bearers and associated products. With facilities strategically located around Australia, Austrak is well-placed to work closely with clients throughout the project lifecycle, delivering track upgrade and maintenance services, and rail product solutions. 

Our diverse project portfolio encompasses heavy-haul industrial railroads, remote freight systems, and suburban and intercity passenger services. This versatility has earned the business a reputation as one of the most innovative designers and manufacturers in the world. 

Austrak’s commitment to ongoing research and development underpins the business’ position at the forefront of rail product manufacturing, guaranteeing enhanced value and functionality. Its factory output ranges from 50,000 to 700,000 sleepers a year, depending on demand. 

Since its establishment in 1980, Austrak has produced over 15 million sleepers - enough to stretch from east to west coast, and back again.  Austrak supplied 400,000 sleepers for the construction of the world’s heaviest haul railway in Western Australia. These were specially designed to withstand 2.5km-long mining trains weighing up to 30,000 tonnes.

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