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EEJ: Inside an Engineering Enterprise


The factors that account for poor productivity and cost outcomes in construction, including scarcity of talent, insufficient risk controls, low technology adoption and limited collaboration are all problems that are serious, systemic and, unfortunately, all too common.

As a consequence, construction productivity has been flat for decades. In contrast, manufacturing productivity has doubled over the same period, and innovation and continuous improvement have become the norms in these sectors.

Today, project owners considering large capital investment programmes are concerned about uncertainty over costs, and potential delays that could impact the feasibility basis of their projects. The industry needs to respond with a project delivery model that can successfully mitigate cost, scope, and schedule risks.

The third edition of the Engineering Excellence Journal discusses Laing O’Rourke’s response to this challenge through its unique and proven value proposition – delivering certainty across the entire project spectrum for clients using a process of early, collaborative engagement that optimises the four pillars of our service offering – excellence in engineering, digital engineering, Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) and offsite manufacturing, and direct delivery. 

This integrative model of project delivery is a value-based approach with risk-sharing features unlike other more traditional models. Fundamental to its success is the project owner, the designer and the deliverer working as one team to develop, define, and deliver the project.

By strategically aligning and harmonising participant roles, underlying motivations, and programmes of activities on a project to utilise each participant’s best talents and abilities at the most beneficial moment, success becomes project-centric.

Under an integrated delivery approach that promotes collaboration in this way, the focus is on collectively achieving shared goals rather than meeting individual agendas – this is one of the fundamental tenets of our engineering enterprise ambition. Therefore success is measured by the degree to which common goals are achieved - which is a win-win for everyone. 

Ray O'RourkeChairman and Chief Executive

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