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Digital Engineering Case Studies

C422 Tottenham Court Road Station

Value: £85m

C422 Tottenham Court Road Station

Challenge - To overlay the Platform Edge Screen (PES) design with meshed 3D scan data for the platform tunnels, and identify any areas where the two clash/exceed minimum distance from one another, or where required minimum bolt embedment in the concrete lining was not possible

Deliverable - The ability to overlay the PES design over laser scan data within Navisworks has been invaluable in assessing the design. The combined 3D model was used in presentations to the client to explain design and site issues in greater detail as well as to identify any potential areas and rectify them to allow for the manufacture of the PES unit to proceed in line with the programme. Through various workshops the LOR and Crossrail teams were able to create extra tolerance into the PES design, and develop solutions for the identified problem areas.

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